Why Choose Us

Lifeline Cardiology Clinic is a newly established clinic responding to all your cardiological consultations and needs in Limerick and Tipperary. The leading person behind this clinic is a Senior Consultant in Cardiology with several years of experience and a solid reputation and a dedicated team to back him up.

Step by step Guide

Points to remember

Please check these points, before coming to clinic

  •   Bring any medication that you are taking, so we can verify the name and dosage.
  •   Bring your health insurance policy number (VHI, LAYA, IRISH LIFE, PRISON OFFICERS, St. Pauls Garda, MPF).
  •   Payment is due on the day, and can be made by cash or cheque with banker’s card.

Consultation Procedure

Provide your details at reception and fill in the form. Our receptionist will verify the details and then send you to the cardiac technician.

Take Test

Based on the cardiologist's advice, take tests, which are normally carried out by one of our cardiac physiologists.

  •   Blood Pressure
  •   Cardiac Consultation
  •   Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  •   Echocardiogram
  •   Stress Test
  •   24 hour Holter Monitor
  •   24 hour BP Monitor
  •   Sudden Cardiac Death Screening
  •   Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram

Review & Diagnosis

Your results will be analysed by our Consultant Cardiologist and will be discussed with you in detail.

Hospital Procedure

This is where an appointment may need to be made for you in a hospital. These procedures may include:

  •   Angiogram
  •   Angioplasty (PCI)
  •   Trans-oesophageal Echo
  •   Loop Recorders
  •   Pacemakers

Follow Up Care

We will look after your follow up care once you have had any Cardiac Procedure.

  •   Post Surgery checkup with your Cardiac Surgeon
  •   Ongoing Cardiac Monitoring
  •   Ongoing device checks
  •   Annual health checks

Health Management

Routine follow-up visits help keep patients motivated and on track to ensure everything is alright and there’s no recurrence of your original complaint.

  •   These checks help us spot new problems at an early stage
  •   They also allow for changes in recommended therapy
  •   Follow-on checks allow the patient to benefit from new approaches to disease management as they become available


Lifeline Cardiology Clinic,
Unit B-14, LEDP Business Park,
Roxboro Road, Limerick. Post Code : V94 D773.

Email : lifelinecardiologyclinic@gmail.com

Fax : 061 280288

Phone : 087 947 0893
061 599 6764

Opening Hours